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7 Reasons Why you Should Speak English

Shared by UNITEC Mexico

Over 2 billion people in 138 countries around the world speak English. According to a study called Sorry. Learning English in Mexico (2015) presented by David Calderón Martínez del Campo from the organization Mexicanos Primero, 4 out of 5 interactions in English occur among speakers native to the language and most content on the internet, scientific publications and social media conversations take place in English.

One of every two jobs with salaries over MXN $50,000 per month require speaking English.

During the last five years the government has spent over 33 billion MXN Pesos on English in basic education. The results however, have not been encouraging. According to the Education Census in Mexico only one in seven basic education schools has an English teacher.

In certain business segments such as the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries English is indispensable.

Why should you speak English?

  1. New opportunities for education and employment.
  2. Broader access to higher education opportunities in Mexico and abroad.
  3. Increased chances of finding a well-paying job with possibilities of professional growth.
  4. As a country we will be able to access higher added-value segments with greater English proficiency.
  5. Learning a second language improves comprehension, memory, information processing and cognitive flexibility.
  6. Enriches Learning in all fields including mathematics.
  7. Learning English fosters the development of empathy, well-being and can protect against diseases like Alzheimer’s.

7 out of 10 growing companies need employees who can speak English.


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