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Being a Laureate Ambassador: Laureate Robotics Contest


by Daniel Rubio Sánchez, student at Universidad Europea

Being an Ambassador for Laureate International Universities at Universidad Europea de Madrid is a very rewarding task. When I found out about the Ambassador Program Laureate was launching for the first time at my university I knew it was going to be an enriching experience if I was selected. I was not wrong. I did not know about Laureate International Universities before entering Universidad Europea in 2014. Now that I am a student here it is impossible not to notice the many wonderful opportunities we have as students here as part of this university network. The Laureate Ambassador program is a great example. We are a group of students of different universities that carry out activities to promote online and live events held at out university. As a Laureate Ambassador I had the chance to witness the fierce but fair competition among the different teams that participated in the latest Robotic Contest for the Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotics Engineering.

There I was able to experience how diverse the Laureate student body is. My university was responsible for hosting the event, but Spanish participants were only a minority. Internationality is the norm. I had the opportunity to meet people from Universidade Salvador (Brazil), among others. They told me find this kind of contest very useful for their professional development and career. It is a foreseeable expectation considering that the award for wining this contest was to participate in the 2015 Laureate Leadership Summit in Miami, FL. I assisted to the final event for this contest and I found a very trained and united team of participants that knew they all belonged to a single group. They all pursued the same objective and knew only one team was going to win, but all of them had experienced the challenges met when developing the robot. Regardless of their team, they all that to develop their creativity and present what they have been able to create after so many hours of work. All of them shared a common objective. The team from my university, Universidad Europea, for example told me that all teams helped each other when they really needed it. They interacted with each other. Interculturality was everywhere.

I was able to see the passion for their work not only in their robots but also in their eyes while the winners were being announced. All of them, students, seemed to be sure about what they had done. Their work was good, and they knew this could be the kick-start of their career. Their teachers seemed confident about the opportunities of their beloved students too.

Right after the winner team was announced -the team from my university won the award if that matters- they all shook their hands and gave each other a warm hug. I was there to follow that event for Laureate as an ambassador, but I ended up being more than a mere spectator. This is why I decided to wrote this article. It would have been impossible to experience such a wonderful moment if I had not being an ambassador. I am very proud to belong to other fantastic intercultural team with people from all over the world and very happy to have the opportunity to experience the same I was able to see in the robotic contest and to share it with you. Keep an eye on these Laureate programs and contests. They are a great opportunity to enrich and complement your university experience.

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