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To fit your busy schedule, Laureate Faculty Development has increased the number of academic terms for self-paced courses, offering you a great opportunity to improve your skills and competencies.

Self-paced courses allow you to work at any time from any place and on your own terms. These short programs will be offered in 11 academic terms throughout 2015 in Spanish, English and Portuguese. The offer includes:

Induction Courses

  • Laureate Faculty in the 21st Century
  • Student Readiness

Learning Methods Courses

  • Case Studies Methodology
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Problem Based Learning

Academic Professional Skills Courses

  • Academic Research
  • Competency Based Learning

Project Based Learning Courses

  • Project Based Learning I
  • Project Based Learning II

Our courses explore a wide variety of current higher education topics including competency model implementation, instructional design best practices, competency assessment methods and student learning facilitation techniques.

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