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It’s 8 a.m. on a perfect Saturday. You’re all geared up and ready to drive to your favourite music festival. It’s a moment you’ve been waiting for and have planned everything in advance. All your friends, favourite bands and Brands will be there waiting to ensure you have a truly happy weekend. By sharing pictures and videos on social networking sites, you’ll let the world know about your exciting experience during the event. But, when it’s all over you’ll wonder how it all came together. How did someone manage to put so much of fun into one place? One event? One weekend?

Well that someone you call it an Event Manager, who toiled for weeks in advance running from pillar to post, so that you could have an experience of a lifetime. A cool job isn’t it? Easy? Sometimes, it can be but it’s a job which also involves a lot of logistical planning and if your basics are not in place then it can be a logistical nightmare for the person managing the event and the individual experiencing it.

Imagine reaching a venue only to find out the event has been called off. Imagine buying tickets online only to find out that the tickets went to someone else next door. Or, what if you totally landed up at an event that you weren’t supposed to be at in the first place? There’s only one person at fault here. Not you of course! Good event managers put in a lot of hard work before the event actually takes off and here’s a little about that and more.



The Research
What is the brand all about? Who will speak at the event? What’s the best location? Who are the attendees? How do we reach them? What creature comforts do they need on the day of the event? Who will cover the event? Who are the other kind of people who can attend? This is just some of the stuff, which a good event manager needs to ponder about.

The Technology
Technology plays a vital role in the life of any event. Right from registrations across media to QR Codes on Posters and RFID Tags that tell you how many people entered to where the entire event is being broadcasted and by which means. A great event manager leverage it all to ensure the event is a great success.

The Context
What’s in the air as far as the country is concerned? What’s that one topic people are crazy about these days? What’s trending on social media? How does it all connect the dots and touch your event? The best Event manager is on top of it all.

The Location, Neighbourhood & the Environment
It’s simple really. An Event manager with the right amount of planning will always clean up after the party is over.

The Right Schooling
And finally, the right education always helps a good event manager to learn all that’s required to be a class apart. From planning to management, sustainability, logistics, catering, hospitality, communication, registration, pricing, budgeting, relationship management and transportation, there’s a lot that goes into a successfully managed event and at a good school you can grasp all the finer details of being an Event Manager to look out for!


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