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Eating Healthy Through the Seasons

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Through the seasons there are variations in weather, temperature and the activities we perform in everyday life; depending on the season it is necessary to monitor important aspects in our nutrition.

During spring the body requires fresh foods and more liquids so it is very important to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to help us stay hydrated. We should mostly eat raw vegetables to maximize the benefits of their freshness; they may be served with lemon juice.

In summer we are more exposed to the sun and more active; it is important to eat light well-balanced meals. If out on vacation it is important to consider that we may lose control of our meal times and intake so remember to eat light salads, cool fluids for refreshment and lots of fruits and vegetables.

During fall and winter our immune systems is fully active to prevent disease during the cold weather and so it is vital to consume foods rich in vitamin C like citrics and dry fruits among other.

Once we start the winter months it is recommendable to eat hot, calorie-rich meals necessary to regulate body temperature and maintain energy reserves. However, during these months we also have an increased chance of gaining weight since winter is also a time festivities and decreased physical activities. It is especially important to watch what we eat and exercise in wintertime.

Finally, it is important to remember that whether it is hot or cold, it is very important to stay hydrated across all seasons. Always drink at least eight glasses of water each day making fresh fruit juices during summer and spring or tea and infusions in cold weather.

By: Olivia Sánchez Lara, Divisional Director of Health Sciences, Campus Ecatepec


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