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Experts Agree: It’s Necessary to Reinvent the University


Laureate, the Aspen Institute of Mexico and the Inter-American Development Bank convened to Laureate’s Youth and Productivity Summit held in Mexico. Throughout the day the summit counted with the participation of business leaders, federal and state authorities, authorities from the educational sector and employers of transnational enterprises.

After welcoming the participants, the President and CEO of Laureate Mexico, Dieter Holtz highlighted that Mexico is facing a scenario of low productivity and emphasized the importance that education has to revert this situation. “We are convinced that productivity increases if more competences are generated in the population. Investing in education of the human capital is the most effective way to impulse social mobility of promoting the growth and distribution of benefits in a more fair way”, he affirmed.

The Summit started with the panel: New Models of Higher Education, that was presented by the President of Aspen Institute Mexico, Juan Ramón de la Fuente. Other participants of the panel were Rodrigo Guerra Botello, Senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, Juan E. Pardinas, and as the moderator,  UVM’s dean, Bernardo González Aréchiga. 

Rodrigo Guerra affirmed that statistics and organisms of investigation clearly show the existence of a positive chain of benefits and he said “in the center is the productivity and the laboral forces and institutions, to the left there is the competitiveness of countries, also the well-being  and social development, to the right of the productivity of laboral forces is the education system, of higher education above all, there is the use of innovation and technology”

Senator Romero Hicks, sustained that is necessary to resize the university, put differences aside and specially add up the complementarities. “There’s not even one university in the whole world that has absolutely everything solved”, he added.

Juan E. Padinas emphasized the challenge it represents for society and the education systems to solve the situation of how the effects of a high progress of technological development will adapt. “According to a study published by Oxford University last year, in the next 15 years, 40% of the jobs we already know will stop existing as a consequence of a technological change. This presents the challenge of how society and the education systems will adapt to this situation”, he said.


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