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With our users in mind and standing true to our culture of constant improvement, we have enhanced the navigational experience of the Laureate Faculty Development Portal.

Our portal now has a more user-friendly and cleaner homepage design that offers a unique experience for our Laureate faculty. These are just some of the new features we invite you to explore:

  • The new Resources tab gives you direct access to exciting assets such as the Webinars homepage, theHLRC journal, our Course Calendars and our Faculty Digest.
  • The “Cancel Request” and “Withdrawal” features simplify the withdrawal process and allow you to quickly cancel an enrollment with a few simple clicks.

The Faculty Development Portal is an important tool that allows you to make the most of our exclusive courses and certificates available at no cost to you as a Laureate faculty member!

Visit the portal today at

For more information on the Faculty Development Program, contact Solángel Corpeño, Manager, at

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