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Faculty Spotlight: Ana Loísa Araújo from Universidade Potiguar

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The Faculty Development courses and certificates have benefited thousands of Laureate faculty members. In 2014, participation in Brazil alone increased by 45% compared to 2013. It is an honor to highlight the participation of Ana Loísa de Lima e Silva Araújo, from Universidade Potiguar (UnP) in Brazil, who completed nine of the fifteen courses available in Portuguese.

Ana Loísa has been a faculty member at UnP since 2005 and currently is also serving as Academic Integration Coordinator for the School of Health and Sciences as well as Coordinator for UnP’s Simulated Hospital.

In the interview below, Ana Loísa shares the impact the Faculty Development courses have made in her professional and personal life.

How have the Faculty Development courses impacted your teaching?

The Faculty Development courses have impacted my teaching skills by being in consonance with global best practices and at the forefront of education. They provide a clearer vision of Laureate’s academic model, competency-based learning, the student at the center and in charge of the learning process, the teacher as a facilitator, learning strategies, learning methods, coherent use of technology, assessment, and fostering of learning according to principles of andragogy. This clearer vision directly interferes in the quality of the planning and execution of learning sessions as well as in my actions as a facilitator.

Which course has brought the most benefits to your professional and/or personal life?

The modules of the Laureate Certificate in Higher Education have brought benefits since the topics covered are a match to my practice, leading to immediate applicability, followed and influenced by the experiences shared by other faculty members from the network. This has been valuable for my professional performance, evidenced by a greater understanding of Laureate’s academic model, consistent non-traditional teaching practice, and more interesting classes that promote significant and deeper learning.

In particular, modules one and five have been relevant to my professional life due to the reflection provided in terms of learning objects design and coherent use of technological resources.

In light of my routine, another benefit is related to continued education. Because it is offered online, on a well-structured, motivating, and resource-rich learning management system, I can broaden my professional experience with more flexibility.

Personally, it has been motivating to take part in the courses since the trainings offer the possibility of developing academically-valuable learning sessions, resulting in a richer teacher-training process, more social benefits, and the possibility of transformation through education.

For more information on the Laureate Faculty Development Program, please contact Solángel Corpeño, Manager, at solangel.corpeno@laureate.net


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