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Faculty Spotlight: Carlos Rocha from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi

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We are pleased to present Carlos Jorge Rocha Oliveira as our featured Laureate faculty member. Carlos, a molecular biologist, has been teaching at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi’s (UAM) School of Health Sciences for the last ten years.

His passion for academic investigation and new learning have been instrumental in his role as Research Coordinator at UAM as well as the Coordinator of the Research Ethics Committee. He has been an integral part of the Laureate Faculty Development Program and shares his experience in the following interview:

Describe your experience as an instructor of the Laureate Faculty Development courses.

My experience can be illustrated by the significant number of courses, six in all, in which I have been involved as an instructor. Since the beginning I have acquired a variety of experiences mastering different skills which enhanced my teaching abilities.

I also faced the need to share new knowledge, new practices, and teaching techniques. I have been teaching for a long time and I’ve always been interested in faculty training. Currently working as a course instructor for the Laureate Faculty Development Program is a gift and a major professional achievement for sure.

In your personal experience, what has been the effect of these online training programs in your everyday life from a perspective of internationality and multiculturality?

The online training programs give the necessary practice to face our needs as educators and our students’ needs in the classroom. These gaps are more evident each day.

Online courses reduce the time spent from knowledge acquirement to teaching practice.

Regarding the multicultural connections related to internationality, knowledge globalization, and the possibility of connecting the classroom with far away places with just one click, therefore integrating diverse cultures in the same environment.

Professional online training for faculty members provides awesome moments for sharing knowledge and specific information among different local and regional communities, bringing a sample of the world into our classroom.

What kind of opportunities, in terms of professional growth, do you consider having an international education gives you?

Professional development through an international education means countless and different opportunities, among them I could name: greater participation in educational field; higher human development; new attributions in academic activity carried out by the faculty members; seeking a collaborative activity development; add a distinctive feature to the résumé; being exposed to a diversity of teaching methods; proficiency in other languages, and intercultural experience. All the above qualifications enhance a faculty member’s academic and professional credentials.

Which is a personal goal as an instructor for the coming years?

To continue being collaborative and participate in the teacher training of our faculty members, acquiring and spreading knowledge, developing new teaching skills and somehow joining the global discussion about education as a way to foresee better human relations, with respect and dignity, as well as the access to education for all.


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