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Faculty Spotlight: Noah Kent Sturdevant from Stamford University

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In this edition, we are pleased to present Noah Kent Sturdevant as our featured Laureate faculty member. Noah has been working as a Laureate Languages instructor at Stamford University in Thailand for the past year. His strong background in computer technology allows him to teach some courses for the IT department as well. Noah has also been involved in helping Stamford in keeping up with the latest in educational technology to better serve its students.

In the following interview, Noah shares his experience as a Laureate faculty member and his perspective on Laureate Faculty Development:

Describe your experience as an instructor of the Laureate Faculty Development courses.

I’m preparing to start my fourth class as an instructor for the Faculty Development program and it has been great. Our online Faculty Development courses have given me a chance to get to know instructors from all over the world.

Every person that takes one of these courses really wants to develop their skills, which makes for a great experience as an instructor. Being an instructor for this program also gives me real world experience in online instruction, which is something that I believe is going to become more popular every year.

In your personal experience, what has been the effect of these online training programs in your everyday life from a perspective of internationality and multiculturality?

I am a little biased about online training programs as I’m using Laureate’s higher education tuition reduction program to work on a PhD in Education and Educational Technology at Walden University.

I love the fact that the Laureate online training programs bring people together from schools scattered across the globe, because they allow us to network and learn from each other as easily as if we were sitting in the same room.

In addition to teaching these courses, I also take as many as I can each term, because I think I learn a lot by having such a diverse and experienced group of colleagues to talk and share ideas with. I’ve found that many of our schools are facing similar challenges and that talking together has allowed us to think of solutions that could potentially be applied throughout the network.

What kind of opportunities, in terms of professional growth, do you consider having an international education gives you?

With the advances we have made in technology, I think the world is quickly becoming smaller. People who have an international education can understand this, easily make connections with people of different backgrounds and have a competitive edge over students who have been limited only to their native cultures.

Which is a personal goal as an instructor for years to come?

In addition to improving my teaching methods through faculty development courses and my PhD program, my personal goals for the next few years involve keeping up with advances in educational technology and finding ways to help my students prepare to excel in a global job market.


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