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Laureate International Class Program Gives Your Students Intercultural Experiences

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The Laureate International Class provides students and faculty members with an invaluable intercultural experience set in a high-quality online education portal.

Through the program, institutions allow their students to enroll in an online for-credit international class with students from other Laureate institutions around the world. The class is led by a faculty member at one of the participating universities and is offered at no additional cost to students enrolled at the institution.

The program currently offers the following Spanish-language courses and is seeking to develop more courses and/or offer the current ones in English and Portuguese and in other areas:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing

From corporate social responsibility practices in Peru, to new marketing strategies in the United States, to entrepreneurial challenges in Honduras, the Laureate International Class program will broaden students and faculty members’ minds by breaking physical barriers and allowing them to exchange ideas, advance in studies and gain global perspectives from the comfort of their own campus.

Is your institution interested in offering this innovative experience to your students? Are you a faculty member interested in leading one of these international online classes?

If so, please contact Yolany Alcántara, Laureate International Class Champion, at, or Dr. Carmen Méndez, Signature Products Executive Director, at


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