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How to get Experience Without Having Experience

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Facing the real world can seem difficult, usually when we’re searching for a job, we’re full of doubt if we’re ready to apply, if we’re taking the necessary documents or if our CV is complete. An employer assumes that every applicant has at least a small amount of experience. Sincerely, would you hire someone who doesn’t have any? It doesn’t mean that not having any is bad, but it’s always better to be ready.

There’s always a first step, absolutely no one is born with experience. So, be calm. The first thing in the checklist is to discover if you’re good at something. A passionate employee has a plus over the rest, it’s a great aspect to have in consideration when you are looking for your first job.

If you make a deep search of the extracurricular activities that are available at your institution, you’ll be amazed. You’ll find plenty of things in which you could volunteer. Hey! This also counts as experience, besides it’s really well seen in a student’s profile. Many times you’ll have to start from scratch, even though you’re not earning money you’ll win knowledge.

Do you know a lot about an specific topic? Opening your own blog can open you many doors. You’ll receive lots of feedback that will help you improve over the time. Another benefit of opening a blog is that before writing about something, it’s necessary to investigate about it. So, you’ll learn new things on the road.

It doesn’t need to be something big to be taken in consideration. If you have an opportunity, take it. You can even get opportunities that are not related at all with your field of knowledge, don’t be afraid! You’ll get to know things that you never imagined.

Everything you do is a gain, and you’ll have much more experience than when you started. Remember to document every work you do, that way your CV will be complete and doubts will wash away when go job hunting. ¡Conquer the world!


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