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Improve Your Graphic Design Abilities

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Being a graphic designer is not an easy job. You need talent, passion and creativity. It’s a real gift, but as every profession, you can always get better at it. It’s a very dynamic career because there are always new trends and new things to learn. As a future graphic designer, there are certain aspects that will be good for you to know.

The most important thing for a graphic designer is having a really good portfolio. You can include projects you’ve done for a class, real projects for clients, or even fake projects. The most valuable thing is  it shows your creativity and abilities. All of us have projects we don’t like; maybe we did them when we didn’t had that much knowledge. But the garbage is not the place for them, your portfolio is! Redesign and retouch them, and they’ll be good enough to include them in your recompilation of works.

The world works with connections, as a designer you also need to start making them. Knowing and socializing with other designers is a big deal. Picture it, what about if a person you get to know is the creative director for a big agency and you’re job hunting. Yes! It’ll open you many doors. You can also learn from their experiences, and you show your projects too. Placing your name in the map will bring you lots of benefits.

Having a good stock of photos is crucial for a designer. Plenty of times you’ll need photographs for a project, and if you are used to take your camera every time you go out for a stroll, you’ll have no problem. If you don’t own a camera yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a great investment to make, and a very useful tool.

The lack of ideas and inspiration is very common among designers, so don’t feel bad. A very wrong concept about getting new ideas is waiting in front of the computer for them to flow. The best ideas come by when you do not expect them. Walking out of monotony is the key, try doing something new, something you never imagined doing. You can find inspiration through new experiences. If you have the opportunity to travel, you’ll get to know new cultures, new traditions and new perspectives. Appreciating the architecture and beautiful landscapes will create a great impact in you.  The good part is, you’ll also have a great time!

It’s impossible to know everything in design. Being a self-taught person is a great virtue that a designer needs. Transform into a more competent professional, it’s never late to learn new things, remember that practice makes perfect. Experiment and keep learning about your passion, with lots of work you’ll see your work in showcases and say, “Wow! It was all worth it”.

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