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Internationalize Yourself in Online Classes


Written by Jovana Contreras, Aldo Luna, and Diana Peralta

Classes and working in teams in itself are normally difficult, even more so when we have to create online material with people we do not know! My team and I overcame this challenge, although we must confess that it was not always easy working together and adapting to unfamiliar ways of working. Without doubt, the task is complex and not always successful. We had to develop important social skills to recognize codes, adapt to the times, styles, different capacities and professional training of all our companions. This whole process begins with socialization and building a virtual identity to reach maximum capacity, which in turn creates strategic growth within the team. However, in the end is worth the work as we made long-distance friends, had interesting exchanges of culture, tradition and customs and left us a pleasant experience of having taken part in this class.

It was a challenging experience having never taken a subject like this before, but we believe it is very important to implement this kind of thing, now and in the future. Technology is of upmost importance, and as we evolve, we must be innovative and cutting-edge.

Despite the ups and downs we had a great learning experience, and even more so creating new ties with our team. Ultimately, beyond academics, we take home great experiences to tell one and other of our new long-distance friends and companions, as well as our deep gratitude for our teacher who gave us all the facilities necessary to carry out this project.

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