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LNO Offers Innovative Online Campus Tours to Prospective Students

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Through a joint effort with the Laureate Network Office (LNO), network institutions Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) in Mexico and Glion Insitute of Higher Education in Switzerland have launched innovative online virtual tours of their campuses, providing an interactive experience for both local and international prospective students, faculty and even staff.

LNPS has partnered with the leading virtual tour platform YouVisit, “the world’s visual guide to higher education”, to provide these simulated tours. YouVisit offers easy to use tools that enable the user to take control and virtually walk through each university’s campus in a life-like online experience.

The platform allows universities to reach prospective students and their family members who often lack the time and money to travel to every campus. Users can explore each location in more detail through 360° panoramas, scenic photos and insightful videos.

The tours not only represent a great opportunity for institutions to show off their beautiful campus grounds and unique features, but they offer users worldwide an exceptional idea of what it would be like to become a member of their academic communities.

YouVisit allows our universities to get a better understanding of the impact of these virtual tours with analytics that include total visitors, actions taken by the visitors and requests for more information.

Take a YouVisit tour of UVM’s and Glion’s beautiful campuses by clicking on the following links:

We would love to have all our universities participate and show what a truly global network we are! 

If your institution is interested in taking advantage of the LNO partnership with YouVisit to offer your own virtual tour of your campus, please contact Stephanie Calcott, International Marketing Director, at

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