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Join the Webinar: Reviewing Manuscripts for Peer Reviewed Journals

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The peer review process is essential for providing independent scrutiny and quality control for academic publications. Join Dr. Gary Burkholder, Vice President of Research and Accountability, Editor-in-Chief of the Higher Learning Research Communications journal and Walden University Senior Research Scholar and Faculty, in the webinar: Reviewing Manuscripts for Peer Reviewed Journals, to explore this important issue in higher education.

In this webinar, Dr. Gary Burkholder will present an overview of the peer review process including how to conduct and write one. You will learn how to assess the quality of a manuscript and the importance of volunteering to conduct peer reviews while engaging in conversation with research experts and scholars to discuss the best approaches to performing a valuable peer review.

Don’t miss this insightful webinar on March 11, 2016. To enroll please click on the webinar’s title.

Reviewing Manuscripts for Peer Reviewed Journals 

Presenter: Dr. Gary Burkholder

Date: March 11, 2016

Time: 10:00 AM (EST Time)

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