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Are you a university leader who wants your faculty members to be better communicators? Or are you a faculty member interested in improving your presentation skills?

In 2014, Laureate Presentation Skills for Special Purposes trained Laureate university participants, including students, administrative and academic staff, to speak or present at international contests, host webinars, become live broadcast anchors at mega events, or for general communication or teaching purposes.

Network institutions such as CIBERTEC in Peru have taken advantage of this great opportunity to enhance their faculty members’ skills.

On October 27th, ten CIBERTEC faculty and staff members received a Presentation Skills for Webinars course in preparation for the online international webinars week that the university hosted.

A group of Laureate Presentation Skills coaches held a two-hour session in which they shared techniques and tips with the presenters and helped them learn the fundamentals of being a tri-dimensional communicator. Some of these techniques included the elimination of weak language to capture the audience’s attention, the use of strong language to make memorable speeches, and the use of voice tone variations as a tool to lower filters.

Additionally, eight personalized 20-minute one-on-one sessions were held between LNPS coaches and CIBERTEC faculty. This exercise was a good opportunity for faculty to receive individual feedback on non-verbal communication, audience engagement and the use of slides in their particular presentations.

Laureate Presentation Skills thanks Yemiko Kanashiro, Faculty Development Director at CIBERTEC, for proposing this initiative.

Did you have the chance to participate in the webinars? If not, click here to review the recordings.

Would you like a Laureate Coach to train people at your university for a particular event? If so, contact Miguel Lardizábal, Math and Communications Champion, at


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