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Laureate Communities of Practice: Opportunities for International Collaboration

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of professionals collaborating to solve academic and business-related challenges, improve existing processes or innovate to create differentiation and provide better solutions.

Laureate Communities of Practice allow you as a Laureate community member to access information and resources in your professional field, participate in the creation and discovery of best practices and new models, as well as build an international network of colleagues who share common interests and goals.

With the guidance of the CoP team, CoP community moderators identify, understand, share and apply best practices on key topics to build and maintain successful offline and online communities that are highly beneficial to all their members.

There are many components to build a successful community. One of these components is the use of technology. Our team offers best practices, strategies and a unique tool – an innovative online platform – to not only share resources and best practices but also receive instant feedback from others.

The brand-new homepage offers you an open space to browse through existing CoPs, download tutorial manuals and videos of their different features and functionalities, as well as submit requests to create your own communities.

To learn more about CoPs and the exciting professional development opportunities they offer, visit our Laureate Communities of Practice Portal.

Watch our welcome video and explore the multiple benefits of joining a CoP:


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