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Laureate MBA Awakens the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Honduras

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The Laureate MBA (LMBA) transforms and prepares students to perform effectively in different environments applying the skills and knowledge developed through our program.

Mirna Gabriela Toledo, a student at Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) tells us how the knowledge acquired through the LMBA helped kindle her entrepreneurial passion:

“I began my postgraduate studies hoping to prepare well and dreaming of success. Today, I feel very privileged to share my entrepreneurial experience which came about as a result of my Laureate MBA graduation project.

A year after starting my studies, I became interested in recycling and started to research the issue. I noticed that certain companies in Honduras discard materials that can be recycled like wooden pallets, spools and reels. This aroused my interest in transforming these discarded materials into new products and extending their life cycle. I prepared my graduation project based on this idea which I called ReciclArte 504.

In order to obtain necessary financing, I am currently participating in a business plan competition called “Honduras Emprende” organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The prize consists of seed capital for the development of innovative projects.ReciclArte 504 was chosen among 400 projects to compete in the national finals.

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