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Maximize the Impact of Laureate Live Events: UPN Case Study

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If you and your institution offer Laureate Live broadcasts to students, faculty and/or staff and want to maximize the impact of these exclusive events, we invite you to review some of the highly-effective strategies and techniques developed by network institution Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN) in Peru to increase the reach and influence of these valuable programs.

Elvira Orezzoli Hoyle, Educational Services Director at UPN, highlights some of their best practices and experiences with recent Laureate Live events:

Event Logistics and Coordination

“We have found that the best way to organize the broadcast is by dividing it into segments, which allows us to maximize student engagement and grants us flexible schedules. Aided by the event’s Academic Guide provided by Laureate Live, our Academic Coordinator identifies all the different courses at our university which have topics or themes similar to the event’s conferences and presentations.

The Academic Coordinator then works closely with faculty members to design it as acomplementary activity within the syllabus to arouse student’s interests for the event. Those segments of the broadcast that are most associated to the course’s content or curriculum are then shown in the classroom.

We are convinced that the most important ingredient for the success of the broadcast is classroom engagement and that faculty members are the best promoters and endorsers of Laureate Live events. Faculty members receive information on the event through the deans and school directors.

In regards to technology, our IT team has developed a software solution that uses the course’s student roster to track the amount of participants in each classroom. In order to be able to broadcast the event directly in each lecture hall and avoid using up the institution’s bandwidth, we have dedicated servers in each campus to overcome bandwidth limitations.

The complete uncut broadcast is also available in select auditoriums throughout campus, as well as online through a secure site so students can also view it and we can keep track of how many users have logged on to do so.

UPN began sharing Laureate Live event’s broadcasts in 2011 with 2,900 participants. This number grew to 10,000 participants in 2012 and over 25,000 in 2013. We expect that event participation will continue to expand in 2014!”

Campus and Social Media Marketing

“Our marketing team devises a promotion plan for each event that includes displaying huge banners around campus, billboards in strategic locations, distributing flyers, and uploading web banners in the student and faculty portals.

Our social media strategy includes promoting the events with Facebook posts on the university’s official profiles and on each department’s social media accounts. Our progressive posts highlight the event’s schedule and location.”

If you would like to learn more about UPN’s best practices and experiences with Laureate Live events, feel free to contact Elvira Orezzoli, UPN’s Educational Services Director, at


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