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Millennials Want to be Their Own Boss

  • 65% aspire to work independently and set their own pace.
  • 72% consider that is more attractive to move constantly of company looking for a better position than build a career in the same company
  • Family values do not differ significantly from those of the previous generation.

Mexico City, April 28, 2015. Young people between 16 and 35 years old, known as “Millennials” are 52% women, mostly single (59%), with a degree (42%), students (33% ) or employees (25%) and are characterized to like sports, social networks, watch TV shows, languages and enjoy art and music.

For the Millennials the main benefit of a career is to have access to better income, followed by the knowledge gained and to become somebody in life. As for how to learn, they like teamwork and dynamic classes (learning by doing), the benefits they receive from going to school is the chance to make friends, play and exercise.

What they do not like about school is math, little physical or recreational activities that they are not allowed to use phones or electronic devices. They disagree with the authoritarian style and perhaps that is why they mention teachers as one of the aspects of school they dislike. The fact that most of the study participants in both the survey and focus groups have said they do not like mathematics is consistent with the poor results obtained by the country in this matter as Link or PISA tests.

Moreover, this generation aspires to attain a college degree and even a masters and choose the subject of study in terms of two basic criteria: the perception that the career is innovative and their own tastes and affinities. They believe that education, better living standards and opportunities are associated.

And what job do millennials want?

Self-employment is particularly attractive to them (92%) and they consider preferable to be their own boss (91%). Therefore, they considered more attractive to work independently setting their own pace of work (65%), than having a permanent contract in an office with a set schedule (35%). Stability is not a significant value to this generation since they move constantly seeking a better position (72%)  and is more attractive than staying in the same company until retirement (28%), even though they prefer long-term benefits (63 %) to have more money available each month (37%).

If you want further information, you can see this infographic in Spanish.

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