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My Intercultural Experience with Online Classes


Written by Andrea Flores

We live in a globalized world, which we’ve opened doors to interact in different ways with people from diverse cultures, perspectives and points of view. All these elements sum up the International Classes. This new concept has been adopted by the Laureate University networks to encourage student interaction from different countries while promoting the development of global competencies through academic processes on a virtual platform.

In my role as a teacher, I have had the opportunity to participate in different environments and teaching models, as a classroom teacher, a hybrid model, virtual classes and now under a model that looks to break barriers into new territories promoting internationality. Personally, it has been a very enriching experience that now enables me to meet students from different nationalities, where not only academic content is acquired, but they can also share very valuable elements which represent their own culture.

Something very interesting about this model is that it enables you to utilize cultural aspects as learning tool to analyze the similarities and differences between countries and the business different scenarios that they have to deal with. It is precisely this element that marks the difference between the International Class and a conventional online class. By that I mean the opportunity to develop diverse activities that promotes intercultural exchange that makes the experience even more rewarding for both teacher and the students.

Another added value of that program is that, for everyone participating in it, we can broaden our network of contacts to a global level, because through various group activities, we can generate new ways to coexist, share ideas and experiences, to enrich our everyday lives.

Without doubt, I can say for sure that it is a real intercultural experience. I have made the most to motivate people to form a team of individuals, either as teachers or students, so they can try it for themselves.

Andrea-FloresMy name is Andrea María Flores Turcios and I am an undergraduate teacher of Corporate Education, specializing in Communication and Marketing. I do classroom teaching and online virtual classes for the International Class for Laureate International Universities. I have worked for UNITEC (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana en Honduras) since 2008, I have a Masters degree in Marketing Management and BA in Communication and Advertising.

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