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New Faculty Exchange Initiative Promotes Academic Cooperation among Laureate Institutions

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The NEW Laureate Faculty Exchange initiative is fulfilling its mission of offering faculty members and staff exclusive opportunities of academic collaboration in the areas of teaching, lecturing, research, learning, and consulting across Laureate institutions.

The objective of the initiative is to promote academic cooperation and internationalization by hosting faculty profiles and Laureate institution’s requests on a common platform.

The initiative provides faculty members and staff with academic opportunities and engagement in the areas of teaching, lecturing, research, learning, and consulting. The platform is creating an ecosystem that allows members to share academic best practices and international experiences, communicate needs from the Laureate institutions, and identify highly-qualified faculty members throughout the network.

What’s in it for faculty members and staff?

Through its robust online platform, Laureate faculty members and staff can showcase their subject-matter expertise by sharing their profile and competencies and search for opportunities made available by other faculty members and staff and/or by institutions across the network.

What’s in it for Laureate institutions?

This exclusive initiative provides Laureate institutions with a one-stop online platform designed to allow institutions to promote and offer their international opportunities and gain access to faculty members and staff from the network to fulfill those opportunities.

For more information on how your institution can participate in this initiative, please contact Argiñe Wieland, Internationality Executive Director at

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Laureate Connect

Laureate Connect

Laureate Connect is an online platform, promoting the international and collaboration benefits of being part of a global higher education group. This platform encourages conversations among the Laureate community, increasing engagement with each other and helping materialize the idea of being connected as a global network.