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Our experience with the International Class program was a perfect blend of discipline and effort. Nobody said that it was going to be easy, but it was gratifying to see the tangible way in which our knowledge grew, while sharing with students from different parts of the world, giving us the opportunity to observe and appreciate different points of view.

Furthermore, I believe having working with people that we might never have met personally had we not done the course, left a defining mark at this crucial moment in time in our lives. It determines a bright future – with help from the university- which will assure that our fond memories together live on.  We created a friendship bond, of knowledge and experiences, forming a great team which we all equally contributed, debated and produced high-quality content with successful results. Without doubt, it was great personal and professional growing experience.

The cultural differences were a perfect tool where we all contributed and went into depth in this virtual world without fear. We respected each other’s ways of thinking and analyzing with great teamwork which enabled us to have an excellent group experience.

To begin with, we all had doubts. However, due to the work dynamics, the good attitude of all the members of the group and understanding the opportunity given to us by the International Class, little by little those doubts were resolved. We felt like warriors in battle, although sometimes we would go off course, the desire to advance with the project drove us on and not give up. It goes to show what great teamwork can do. As the saying goes; you learn so much from the difficult things in life. Obstacles that teach you values required to accomplish a goal; the dedication and perseverance to plant a seed and watch it grow.

We feel proud to have successfully completed this virtual class, but above all, it has contributed so much to our learning, both professional and personally. Without doubt, it’s an experience that leaves footprints on our university journey.

Written by Lizeth Plazas (UIP) and Rodolfo Fajardo (UVM – México)

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