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Participate in the Second Installment of the Digital Teaching and Learning Webinar Series

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Would you like to know what hybridity means for Laureate? What are the benefits of the blended learning model for our students? How can you flip your classroom? How to complete certain tasks on Blackboard? Do you want to understand why quality matters in online environments?

The Laureate Network Office (LNO) invites you to participate in the second installment of the Digital Teaching and Learning Webinar Series to share terminology, methodologies, techniques, pedagogy and the application of best practices related to course design, development, and instruction in online and blended modalities.

Each webinar will cover the pedagogy essentials of each topic, examples on how you can apply them and guidelines for their implementation in Blackboard. This second group of webinars will be focused on the principles of digital and blended teaching and learning and will take place in March and April in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Do not miss this exclusive webinar series led by global experts on hybrid, blended and online learning.

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Why Blended Learning?
Presenter: Malini Eliatamby
Date: March 16, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM (EST)

Why Quality Matters in Online & Blended Courses?
Presenter: Linda Crawford
Date: March 30, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM (EST)

How to Provide Effective Feedback in the Online Environment
Presenter: Allana Rocca
Date: April 13, 2016
Time: 12:00 PM (EST)

How Do I Convert a Face to Face Course to a Blended Course?
Presenter: Amy Hilbelink
Date: April 20, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM (EST)


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