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Social Collaboration is Setting a New Trend


Aren’t we all looking for a better way to stay connected and work effectively no matter where we are located? I am a GenY in the workforce noticing a new paradigm which is more people are working remote and they are more than ever connected. Technology CAN make things possible. As I embark in a new journey with my new company, I am surrounding my horizons with people, tools and application that can make life a lot easier.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Social collaboration is changing the world and there is no going back. I truly believe that managing a project, a team and a company culture through community management is the key to deliver culture, process and innovation to organizations. Yes, as a Gen Y, I do not have a lot of patience to wait and to see things happen. On the contrary, I like to make things happen and see results really quickly. As I continue to learn how to work with millennials, baby boomers and any generation, I discover we all have the same common goal which is to work better together. Social collaboration tool is delivering the future and how organizations, team and institutional are working and delivering results more EFFECTIVELY.

I feel so excited to be part of such an amazing project and looking forward to be a trend setter in the market. Social collaboration is the way to get things done and work better together. Please bring it on communities with zoom integration, chatting, webex and apps to make my life a lot easier.

About the Author

Priscilla D'oliveira

Priscilla D'oliveira

Priscilla D'Oliveira is an award winning customer experience professional and highly-accomplished service leader with a strong track record of achievement and demonstrated success driving world-class levels of customer experiences. Furthermore, she is an exceptional mentor and coach, a skilled business planner and strategist, and thrives in dynamic changing environments that require creative problem solving. Priscilla is results-oriented leader with proven abilities to drive service-team performance. She is a native of Brazil and is fluent in English and Spanish. Currently, she is the Manager for Laureate International Universities’ Communities of Practice.