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Stamford Embraces Future with Award-Winning Online MBA

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In the modern world there are increasing numbers of people that have the means and desire for tertiary education but simply do not have the time.

In order to help meet this increasing demand, educational institutions are adapting programs and delivery systems to enhance, and sometimes even replace, more traditional teaching methods.

Stamford International University in Thailand is addressing this issue by offering blended online learning options for its Signature MBA online program and a new modern campus in a central location.

Winner of Blackboard Catalyst Award

The Stamford MBA program has already won the prestigious Blackboard Catalyst Award for innovative blended learning. Blackboard is an online learning system that allows students to study anywhere, at any time. The university offers a variety of options for students wishing to study its MBA program. There is the traditional route with Monday to Friday classroom learning, but there are also options to study at campus one day a week at the weekend, or a couple of evenings a week, with the rest of the course taught online. Recently they have gone even further by having the MBA taught entirely online.

The MBA program is not just traditional lectures or blocks of text. There are real time lectures as well as downloadable ones. All options have discussion sessions, group work, and other elements such as industry experts giving talks and advice.

New Downtown location

For those opting to study in the classroom full time or part time, Stamford is making student life easier by opening a new campus in the heart of Bangkok’s business district. The Asoke Campus Learning Center is located next to a major junction and also benefits from being next to an intersection of the city’s Sky Train (BTS) and metro train (MRT) lines. Anyone who knows Bangkok will know this incredibly convenient location.

The superb locale and flexible learning options will allow for a lot more working adults to get a Master’s degree and improve their employment opportunities. The ability to study no matter the location, coupled with the option of being able to pop to the downtown campus after work or at weekends, is removing many of the obstacles faced by modern working adults. Stamford’s courses are becoming increasingly flexible and are adapting to the needs of students rather than, as has traditionally been the case in higher education, the other way around.


You can visit Stamford International University’s website to browse the online Signature MBA and other academic offers, or conversely call on +66(0)2 7694000 (Bangkok Campus).

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