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Laureate Faculty Development’s goal is to positively impact higher education through technology and innovative teaching and learning strategies. The Faculty Development Portal offers a wide variety of academic resources designed to support faculty members in their daily activities and promote innovative classroom engagement.

This year alone, over 6,000 faculty members have participated in Faculty Development courses and certificate programs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Faculty members benefit from exclusive content, valuable resources, as well as the opportunity to share academic best practices with colleagues from different network institutions.

The program offers a virtual classroom to support the continuous development of methodologies and provides the necessary tools to incorporate technology in innovative ways to increase knowledge, competencies, and student engagement.

Browse through all the course offerings and register today for the academic period that starts on January 14, 2015:

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Take advantage of this global opportunity to increase your skills as an international Laureate faculty member.

For more information on the Faculty Development Program, contact Solángel Corpeño, Faculty Development Manager, at


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Laureate Connect

Laureate Connect

Laureate Connect is an online platform, promoting the international and collaboration benefits of being part of a global higher education group. This platform encourages conversations among the Laureate community, increasing engagement with each other and helping materialize the idea of being connected as a global network.