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Teaching Math with Innovative Strategies: UPN’s Math Treasure Hunt

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With the purpose of developing the fun side of mathematics, a group of faculty and staff from Universidad Privada del Norte’s (UPN) Cajamarca Campus, led by faculty member Fernando Jhonatan Cortez, organized a student competition called the Math Treasure Hunt.

Fernando wanted to motivate his math learners, so he gathered suggestions from colleagues and students and did some research on engaging educational activities. As a result, he devised a math workshop in which two groups of students competed to find a treasure. The clues for the hunt were to be found after solving math problems with the methods studied in the Laureate Arithmetic Training Math Lab. The solutions were found in geometric figures that led to steps closer to the goal.

Participants were engaged and enthusiastic during the workshop and they interacted with staff members, who helped Fernando Cortez deliver messages, items or more clues.

The results were varied and positive. Students learned the value of team work, developed courtesy and respect, and learned math while playing.

The Training Math Lab – Arithmetic is a face-to-face methodology that teaches students mental techniques to perform fast arithmetic calculations while building their confidence. This calculator-free, grade-free and stress-free course makes use of intensive oral practice to develop new and effective strategies to break numbers and operations into manageable pieces.

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