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Teaching: Mission Accomplished

Shared by UNITEC Mexico

I am Professor Marcela Avitia Vargas and I am grateful for the opportunity of sharing my experiences and satisfaction in being a teacher. Not that I deserve recognition, I’m only doing my job which is my passion. I value my job highly especially because I think about how I can appeal to my student’s learning styles, trying to touch their emotions to have a positive impact in their development and how what they learn in my course can transcend to their personal and professional lives.

Not long ago I was searching for information online and found a former student’s blog written for another course in her master’s degree. They asked her to mention some projects she had done that had impacted her learning. To my surprise, she gave four examples; two of the projects she mentioned had been done in my course.

I know my students sometimes suffer with my assignments because they usually involve projects that must be put in practice; learning is quite a challenge. When at the end I read their comments and see they thought the work was complicated and even “heavy” but it showed them they could go further that the work they normally do; they were able to analyze, reflect, make proposals and project their learning in their academic pursuits -even their personal lives. To me this is “pure gold” because I know that even when they get mad at me when they read directions or rubrics they realize at the end what they can do and do well, and that it was hard but worth it in the end.

Part of what teachers should do today is to innovate, dare to use new strategies and fully contextualized technologies, implement well strategies to impact our students differently and effectively, and to train them based on the requirements, characteristics and conditions of today’s performance environments.

I am passionate about teaching and as I tell my students, having obtained my master’s degree has not only brought me satisfaction but also but personal and professional achievements as well. Without it, I would not be here today giving working in a Virtual Campus sharing with my students and continue learning from them and with them.

I teach regular classes and I have also specialized in online education. To be honest, at first I hesitated, because of the workload, but I was drawn in and today I greatly appreciate the confidence the UNITEC has had on me. That is why I not only try to correspond, but to improve at my job for the institution and especially for my students. I still have much to learn; the world is changing and teachers must be in constant and continuous preparation to effectively serve in our beautiful work of forming people.

I love and cherish my work as a teacher and consider myself fortunate for my vocation and being able to collaborate because I have the feeling that teachers can from any place and in any environment constantly prepare to make our small contribution for a better education that generates a chain of mutual benefits. Why not start by setting a good example that our students can replicate? By doing this we could consider our beautiful task as a “mission accomplished”.

Marcel Avitia is an undergraduate and masters faculty members in the areas of Pedagogy, Psychology, Educational Technology and Education. Both in the classroom and online she advises students and teaches certificates for aspiring Basic Education, High School and Elementary teachers. She has worked in UNITEC since 2006, she has a masters’ degree in Educational Technology from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Universidad Virtual (UV) del Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus.


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