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The International Class Surpassed my Expectations


Written by Angélica Bustos, student at Universidad del Valle de México

My experience as a student in the International Class program without doubt surpassed all my expectations, I completely recommend it and I take away with so much knowledge having completed it. What stands out for me though, was sharing the experience with classmates from different countries, where I could learn about their culture, customs, their lifestyle and even food they eat.

When I enrolled in the International Class, I had no idea that it would be so interesting and I’d learn so much, helping me improve with certain study habits like organization. The course covered every subject in an exceptional way and reinforced them with weekly tests so the knowledge we had acquired was clearly understood.

On top of that, the online class helped us to be responsible in our learning, to be punctual, promote teamwork, the use of digital media for organizing us and creating work of great quality. We were often in real working life scenarios, where a lot of our communication was through video calls with people from different countries who had the same goals as ourselves, which was to produce great work.

In my opinion, this is a unique experience with an outlook that goes beyond our country of origin and enables us to develop different skills to be much more efficient in our academic life, and in later life, professional.

The program is incredible in every way. The organization and the attention given to everyone involved in the project is admirable, starting with the professors, who would help us with every question or doubt, advising us on how to produce good work, develop our knowledge and just to enjoy the experience.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, I really recommend the program, especially for the personal experience. You learn and gain so much knowledge, especially in how to interact and share with people from different cultures.

If I get opportunity to take part in another online course, without doubt I will take it. The program fascinated me; it was complete, interesting and you learn so much. Above all though, it will make you organized and responsible.

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