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Personal Branding is something that we always take for granted. This year for 2015, I want to start focusing on my personal branding to aspire to get more professional goals and connect with the right people. Most people can agree with me that you spend all year doing so much great work and then when it’s time to sell yourself, you start asking questions. Can you remind me of that I have done?

After researching a lot on personal branding, I come to the realize that overachievers have that characteristic and you should always write it down all of your accomplishments so you do not take for granted all the hard work you have put yourself towards the year. Another tip that I enjoyed when I spend timing creating your personal profile is write your job experiences and your expertise in simple language so anyone with no specific industry can understand what you have done. It is a new year and you should start fulfilling your goals so you can position yourself appropriately. Do you relate to this post? Do you want to share any other tips that have helped you position yourself?

I would love to start those discussions as knowledge exchange is always enriching and opens so many possibilities. Have a great first day back for those back to work and happy 2015. Looking forward to your comments.

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Priscilla D'oliveira

Priscilla D'oliveira

Priscilla D'Oliveira is an award winning customer experience professional and highly-accomplished service leader with a strong track record of achievement and demonstrated success driving world-class levels of customer experiences. Furthermore, she is an exceptional mentor and coach, a skilled business planner and strategist, and thrives in dynamic changing environments that require creative problem solving. Priscilla is results-oriented leader with proven abilities to drive service-team performance. She is a native of Brazil and is fluent in English and Spanish. Currently, she is the Manager for Laureate International Universities’ Communities of Practice.