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Tips to Live Alone


Written by Rosario Kaneshiro

The idea of having your “little place” in the world where you live on your own rules, you can decorate according to your own taste, where you set the schedules, motivates you and full you of joy. You did the numbers and everything settles into place. You experience anxiety and fear, but you are convinced that moving in is the best idea. Nobody said it was easy, but the key is to plan everything in detail. Before decide you should ask yourself the following:

Are you emotionally ready to live alone? Do you really want leave home or is it because your friends do or pressure you?

Do you have a stable job to meet expenses?

You want something new or used? Will you buy or rent? With or a without garage?

Do you want to move in alone or with a roommate?

Are you willing to give up the food and washed clothes that your parents give you, or come home from work and not have your mom ask you how was your day?

If after answering the above questions you persist in becoming independent, I recommend you to consider this list of expenses that you will need to pay:

  • one-time charges: Install services such as internet and cable tv, buy furniture, dishes, towels, bedding set, etc.
  • Monthly expenses: rent, utilities, food, transportation and extras such as laundry, cleaning, recreational activities, travel, etc.

I suggest you follow the following six steps: These can be grouped into three phases.

  1. You should save for the first four months of rent. When you rent they can ask you up to two months of rent in advance and two months as a warranty deposit.
  2. Keep in the bank some emergency money in case of any miscalculation.
  3. Make a list of 4 furniture pieces that are necessary buy them according to your priorities. Ypu don’t have to furnish all at once. Improvise! A glass on a varnished trunk can become a beautiful table.
  4. Do your grocery shopping every ten to fifteen days and buy everything you need, such as food, toiletries, etc.
  5. Do not be tempted to accept credit cards without knowing its costs and benefits.
  6. Record all your daily expenses in a notebook so you know when you used your money.

Other tips:

  • If you share your home, remember to set coexistence guidelines and take turns in shores that none of you like.
  • If you live alone you can at first feel lonely or not feel your new space as your own for which you can invite friends and relatives. Your house will feel yours as you fill it with experiences and stories.
  • If you care much about your parents then move in close to them.
  • If you’re cooking your own food is better if you do it in large quantities and freeze it, to last you for several days. This way you save time, effort and money.

The idea of this article is not to discourage you, however, is to give you ideas and tips to make the move a positive move, sustainable in time and that it makes you feel good. Enjoy this stage full of challenges and opportunities for growth.

Source – Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas

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