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UNAB Signs Exciting Exchange Agreement with University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria


An exciting student exchange program agreement was signed between Universidad Andrés Bello and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria on July 13, enabling UNAB students from different career backgrounds to study at the Austrian campus.

UNAB Rector, Dr. Jose Rodriguez, visited the prestigious university for this momentous occasion and met with the high authorities at the foreign institution, such as Chancellor Regina Aichinger; Vice President of International Affairs, Andreas Zehetner; Academic Director of International Affairs, Clemens Holzmann, and the Director of International Relations, Katharina Schnabl.


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is one of the best universities in field of science in the country, with a strong focus on investigation. It has an excellent academic reputation and has a strong presence in four locations in the central area of Upper Austria (Hagenberg Linz, Steyr and Wels). It also offers innovative and interdisciplinary academic degrees.

This new agreement adds to the various exchange programs offered by the University Andres Bello, which allows both undergraduate and graduate student to go for a semester or a year. Additionally, the agreement is open to teacher exchanges and for conducting research projects.

Are you interested in studying at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria? If you’re studying a science degree program, why not ask your tutor about opportunities? Otherwise, visit the UNAB website.

Source – Universidad Andrés Bello

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