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UVM Students Install Hydroelectric System for Marginalized Communities in Chiapas

Estudiantes de UVM Instalan Banco de Pruebas de Sistemas Microhidroeléctricos para Comunidades Marginadas_RSZ_1

Students of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico and Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas, collaborated in implementing a test bed for a micro-hydro system with micro turbines to generate electricity, which is the first to built in Mexico.

Dr. Nein Farrera, project leader and research leader at the Tuxtla Campus, UVM, is very pleased with this engineering marvel, consisting of a 30 meter tower, two water tanks with a 5,000 liter capacity, a pipe system, two 3 and 5 KW micro turbines, and a mechanism that controls flow evaluation, pressure, voltage, amperage, etc, which he hopes will come to great use in the future.

Nein Farrera, who is an expert in Renewable Energy, says this is the third project to be financed by CONACYT and the Ministry of Energy. Since developing the micro turbine system in Chipas, it is now being tested and evaluated to see if similar hydro-electric projects can be built elsewhere in Mexico.


“Chipas has thousands of small rivers, streams and springs that could be used generate power for small communities or industrial means, triggering economic growth in a region that really needs it. The project has the potential to produce enough electricity for a community of up to 200-300 people in 30 to 50 houses, according to our initial calculations,” said Dr. Nein Farrera.

According to Dr. Neín Farrera, the project is unique in Mexico. Normally micro-turbine hydro-systems are used to test the water pressure, but don’t make full use of the natural resources. He added, “What we have created measures the water flow, as well as the pressure, and makes full use of the tower.”

Universidad del Valle de Mexico students

Advised by Professors García Ramos and Osbaldo Aldo Aguilar Castillejos, UVM’s students played a crucial role in developing the micro hydroelectric system by doing pipe installations that feed the micro turbines, as well as the electronic and mechanical devices to assess the turbines.

The project, which was co-directed by Dr. Neín Farrera Vázquez and Dr. Joel Moreira Acosta, was also thesis for Master’s Engineer student Eder Fabian Medina, with fellow students Pascual Lopez, Lorena del Rocio Ramirez, Luis Fernando Barrientos, Yair Marco Sanchez Cruz who played a vital role in the research.


If you are interested in a career in engineering, visit Universidad del Valle de Mexico’s online brochure. Furthermore, visit Laureate International Universities website to see Professor Neín Farrera’s other projects.



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