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UVM Students Shine in Milan


Ingrid Arlette Herrera Moya and María del Mar Traspeña are students of Campus Queretaro. They recently came back to our country after representing Mexico in Milan, Italy, the fashion capital of the world.

Ingrid and María del Mar study the major of Fashion Design and Dress Industry in UVM Campus Queretaro. The two of them participated in the contest National Intercampus of Fashion UVM – Faux Impressions, achieving  the first and second places. Among other prizes, they obtained a scholarship to attend a summer course in la Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), the biggest and more innovative school of design located in Milan.

In the runway National Intercampus of Fashion UVM, 37 designer/students from 8 campuses of UVM competed in the contest. They presented from one to five outfits inspired in diverse themes. Ingrid Arlette Herrera, winner of the first place, presented creations of an antique world, quartz and metals. María del Mar’s project was called Mexican Colors, she obtained the second place.

At Italy, Ingrid and María del Mar received a fashion styling course in NABA. They also made a photo shoot with editorial style, developing the concept to accomplish the visual impact desired. “In Milan I met designers from different parts of the world, worked with photographers, models and stylists from the fashion industry in Italy”, mentioned Arlette Herrera.

“The design I presented in the runway National Intercampus of Fashion UVM, which gave me the opportunity to travel to Milan, is an outfit for women inspired in metals and mining. I wanted to give a casual – classy look and play with the feminine silhouette, also combine different fabrics and textures. The result was fabulous, I made a great impact with my designs, the silk blouse is fitted to the body, the pants are comfortable in sports fabrics. As an accessory I added a leather front  to add dramatism, and metallic tennis shoes that gave a casual and comfortable look”, said an excited Ingrid Arlette.

She added that the photoshoot in Italy and Mexico was very professional and had amazing results. “I feel proud of being Mexican, even though, I think that we don’t know how to explode our culture, we’re unique and showing our culture in other countries throughout fashion is really cool”.

Estudiantes-de-UVM-Campus- Querétaro-demuestran-talento-y-cultura -2

Ingrid and María del Mar also won a professional photoshoot made by Erik Vicino, an Alpha Partner of Sony. The purpose was to elaborate their portfolio to support their professional projection. This enterprise wants to impulse new local talents in the fashion industry and promote the essential role of photography to develop the sector of the fashion industry.

Besides Sony, the UVM made a commercial alliance with Sherwin Williams-Color Studio, ELLE, Autodesk, Arte Joyas, IDIP and Gerber Technology, enterprises that look forward to develop talent among students from this university.

The Nuova Accademia de Belle Arti (NABA) and UVM belong to Laureate International Universities, the biggest network of private universities worldwide. In Italy, NABA is qualified Many prestigious magazines and opinion leaders qualify NABA as one of the best schools in the fields of fashion, design, interior and architecture.


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